Slingshot SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Seriously…

…It’s me on this topic. Well here I am. It has been a long time coming. I have thought about starting a blog for years, but dithered over my ability to contribute anything of worth.

However, I finally have enough incentive! An iPad 2, to be exact.

I attended a Public Relations Student Society of America regional conference this weekend. I was out of place at this event full of PR students and professionals. My sister, Amy, organized this conference. Always eager to support my family, my attendance was clinched when I heard the topic was strategically using social media. I love technology, and thought to use what I learned for my causes and companies that I promote online.

So….to the iPad. I attended a breakout session by Jeremy Dearringer, and he offered a chance at an iPad to anyone that blogged a review of his session.  Hence my motivation. My fingers were burning by the end of his session from so much typing. It was an eye-opening presentation that helped me rethink my attitude toward the internet.


Jeremy is a co-founder of Slingshot SEO, a professional search engine optimization (SEO) and internet marketing company. He dynamically addressed SEO,  a topic I had never considered. I just type a random question into Google and out come  links in some sort of arbitrary order, right? WRONG! There are complex ranking factors and algorithms and magic involved.

I am far from a social media maven, but  this presentation made even my medical self comprehend the importance of moving your site up the to page one of search results. With over 10 billion searches on Google alone during February 2011 (in the U.S. alone), there is a huge audience just a few clicks away.

Jeremy outlined the history of search engines, from Excite and Lycos through Google’s revolution and the ” link popularity contest.” Jeremy continued to treat the recent increase in social media’s effect on search engines. Viral content can create a digital linkerati through sites like StumbleUpon, Digg, and Twitter. Google is now attempting their own link sharing with Google +1.

I know from personal experience that I skip right over the clearly bought links at the top of the page. People aren’t fooled by money, but SEO can allow professionals to game the ranking system and move their links to the top more organically. Some tips:

Advice to optimize your position in search engines:

1. Build a basic internet presence first.

2. Encourage social activity on your website. Make it easy to click and share with  common sites.

3. Make sure the share buttons work.

4. Ensure there is a mobile platform and continually tweak it. Make an option to revert to the full online version from a mobile device.

5. Link Twitter to your website.

6. Interact with people, don’t just set your name adrift.

7. Use interesting and visually appealing infographics to give people something they want to hang on to and send to others.

8. Make sure you are solid on your domain name, do not change it.

9. Be patient, 6-12 months is a minimum before you see results.

10. People don’t trust the PPC paid links, be organic.

There you go. Cross your fingers that I win the iPad. It will spur a new string of blogs. Thanks for the chance at new tech and the eye-opener, Jeremy!

Checkout SlingShot SEO’s webpage:


More about PageRank:…

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