Functionally obsolete bridge v. Obsolete bridge


On Thursday, President Obama will visit the Brent Spence Bridge in Cincinnati. The aim is promotion of his American Jobs Act. Brent Spence Bridge is being held as an example of a “functionally obsolete” bridge.

Hello?! Those of you in Louisville will know about the recent closure of Sherman Minton Bridge and the traffic tremors that have reached even the outskirts of Louisville. Living in southern IN and commuting to Louisville, I have had hours added to my days. It has been hailed on Twitter as Bridgeocalypse and Shermageddon.

We are awaiting news on the extent of repairs that will be needed.


2 thoughts on “Functionally obsolete bridge v. Obsolete bridge

  1. Do you really want Obama to show up here? Nothing to do with political views, but every time Pres. decides to show up in the Ville, whether its a current pres (George Bush- in 2004 I think?) or a former (Clinton in 2008), the traffic situation is crazy. Do we really want to add to what we have now?

  2. My point was not that Obama should visit here. I agree it would add to an already chaotic traffic system. Rather, i meant that some funding would be welcome. No federal emergency funds will be available for the bridge as the situation stands now. If the jobs bill would fund some of the workforce needed to make repairs.

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