I moved from Posterous to WordPress. You can too.

So, Posterous is closing and I finally had a good impetus to head over here. I started Posterous as a beginning blogger. I was intimidated by WordPress in spite of extensive marketing that said otherwise. But when it was time to build my wedding site (Laura Loves George), I started at WordPress.

I’d been meaning to transition my blog of miscellany over to WordPress which is more bloggy and less tumblery. The process was as simple as promised.

How to Move Your Blog  From Posterous to WordPress:

  1. You head over to Posterous and click back up. It will download a zip file.
  2. You can open this to find an XML file – remember this location.
  3. Go to WordPress and open an account or add a blog to an existing account.
  4. Then you can go to Tools on your dashboard and select import.
  5. Select Posterous when it asks where you are importing from.
  6. Then browse your files to find the XML file (you did remember where it was, didn’t you?)
  7. Upload this and your blog should have a new home!

So if you’ve been here all along, welcome! If you are new to the blog, thanks for stopping by. I enjoy nail art, baking, DIY projects and I sometimes share medical topics (I’m a Internal Medicine & Pediatrics resident physician). I hope you enjoy what I have here and it can inspire you!


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