Thoroughly Modern Mani

Mint and Chevron and Blush Pink…oh my!


So I recently shot my engagement photos. For someone who loves nails, it was difficult to choose the manicure that would be immortalized in photos I will look at for years to come. How to decide? Post a Facebook Poll! Some were my creation and some Pinterest pics that I had saved for the right occasion.

DocLaura B engagement mani poll

It was a very close race, but the pale pink, silver glitter, grey chevron won out. I used entirely Essie because I liked the colors together. And since Mint is so current, I threw it in as well.

DocLauraB Modern Mani Palette

I started with two coats of Essie’s Lion Around. Then I did my ring fingers with Beyond Cozy (the glittery one!). It did a great job of covering with one coat (although I used two for security).

Now I decided to make my hands different, so on one hand I painted Power Clutch (the charcoal grey) and stamped a white chevron. The other hand I used Essie’s Mint Candy Apple to make a heart. I took a dotting tool and made two side by side dots for the top of the heart and then drug them down to make a point. I painted a band behind the heart to set it off (and mimic a ring).

DocLauraB Modern Mani DocLauraB ModernMani3

Hope you enjoy! I certainly did.  I would love to see any mixed manicures you’ve done!


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