Review: Fingr’s Edge Nail Tattoos – Newspaper Nails

 DocLauraB Newpapernails1

The Pinterest newspaper nail art pin is very popular. Many have tried and some have failed.

Print sur ongles

While grocery shopping (somehow I stumbled into the makeup section!), I recently found a kit for a similar appearing manicure achieved with a transferable nail tattoo art. The Fingr’s Edge Nail Tattoos were $7.95 at Meijers but they can be found on Amazon for $9.99.

            DocLauraB_Newspaper nails1Newspapernails3

The kit is simple, there are two neutral base coats: one cream and one a light grey-blue.Three different transfer decals: one with text, one with a pattern, and one with maps.

             newspapernails 2

How to: Newspaper nails

  1. I used a base coat, and then applied three thin layers of the cream polish. Two was too streaky, but I like very thin coats that dry quickly so two could work if you used a little more polish per coat.
  2. I applied my favorite quick dry top coat: Sally Hansen’s Insta-Dri Anti-Chip Top Coat.
  3. Next, the directions read: “Dip transfer paper into water and press wet transfer paper image side down over nail for ten seconds.” WHAT THE DIRECTIONS LEFT OUT: You must remove the white paper backing, then wet and place the side of transparent paper that was next to the paper backing into the water then press onto nail. I pressed from one side to the other in a continuous motion to fully cover the nail with no skips to the pattern.   Below is the mistake I made when I did not remove the backing paper.   I removed polish, repainted and tried again. As I had already ruined one paper by submerging it entirely, I was short one. So I used one transfer paper for two nails. This worked great, even with my longish nails. And it gave me extras in the event of mistake or for future use.

My Mistake:

                DocLaura_B_newspapernails6 DocLauraB_newspaperNails_mistake

Then I fixed it:

               DocLauraB_NewspaperNails 7 DocLauraB_NewspaperNails5

4.   Next I removed the clear transfer paper and it left the text behind. It looked great! All I had to                        do  was clean up. I used a Qtip with a little acetone to remove the words on my cuticles.


5.   And a topcoat to add shine and protection and I’m done!

          photo 3(2)


  • The directions could have been a little more explicit – I figured it out, but I have some nail experience. This could have made someone less determined throw in the towel.
  • I like that the words are specific, you can’t always choose your newspaper text and it’s unlikely the words on your nails will match each other.
  • Also, newspaper text is frequently a larger font and you would see fewer words per nail. This may be a problem on smaller nails.
  • Although I used a topcoat that typically gives me a 5-7 day chip free manicure, the edges on the words started to rub off after three days. I was in the ER doing 12h shifts all three days, so it is possible that the alcohol gel contributed to the early demise of my manicure. I put another top coat on and it extended my manicure to a full eight days!

Bottom Line:  For the money and ease of use, this is a great kit. And I still have two manicures left! Plus a few leftover text decals for accent nails in the future.

I’m trying the real newspaper manicure next. Any hints?


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