Review: Plated – Buttermilk Fried Chicken and Succotash!

I have heard many things about meal kit delivery services (Plated, Blue Apron, etc.), but hadn’t tried it. My friend, Amy, referred me for a week of free meals from Plated –  the perfect chance to try it! You can select meal preferences (knowing my husband, I passed on the vegetarian entree). They allow you to select the number of people per meal (so we received three meals – two plates a piece). Here’s how it works. 

Today, I started the first day of my post-residency career and decided to celebrate with a dinner at home! The recipe George picked was a buttermilk-fried chicken and succotash. I really admire their commitment to locally sourced farms. My package arrived with four freezer packs (stated cold up to 24 hours). I threw these in the freezer to be used later!

DocLauraB Plated ingredients succotash

My Plated Ingredients – I saved the non-garlic plastic bags.

Everything was labelled for the recipe it is to be used for. They included everything (down to the butter and herbs) required for the recipe. It only required additional olive oil, salt and pepper! They have a handy recipe card with step-by-step instructions and photos.

It was true to the time stated on the recipe (thirty minutes total with fifteen minutes of active cooking).

Diced succotash veggies!

Diced succotash veggies!

I marinated chicken in buttermilk while dicing vegetables. I thought the poultry and vegetables were high quality! I started the succotash and then dredged and fried the chicken. I couldn’t help but use the remainder of the buttermilk to make a gravy!

DocLauraB Buttermilk Chicken and succotash

The Final Product (I threw some asparagus in there too!)

The Final Results:

George and I were both surprised by how much we loved the succotash. It had a hauntingly sweet quality and the garlic and thyme added a surprising complexity. The chicken was succulent and good enough to make me forget it was pan fried! I would not have otherwise tried this recipe, but I will definitely be making the succotash again. I would like to serve it with scrambled eggs and biscuits and gravy!

I am looking forward to cooking the rest of my meals – and will definitely order more! The price for this meal was $11 per plate and well worth it!


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