Fantasy Football?!?!

So this is a turn of events…I am so NOT a sports girl. However, I was invited to join a septic (1)league this year with a group of people I really like. My only exposure to FF is watching The League (which I adore!). Unfortunately these are work colleagues so I will have to keep my insults under control.

In my youth, I refused to play video games at someone’s home unless I had practiced enough to keep from embarassing myself in public. My biggest fear is public humilitation and I just signed up for it! What keeps me from video games now is the need to fully integrate myself in the universe. It isn’t enough to play, I want to be fully immersed. I have too many other obligations to veg for the hours (or days) needed to really “play.” I have no idea how to do this and haven’t watch NFL in a few years. I need to really do my homework. Anyone have tips for this newbie?

So now I’ve found my Type A, uber-competitive self engaged in a potentially distracting and obsessive endeavor. What’s left but to make a cute graphic and draft?!


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