Review: Plated – Pork Tonkatsu with Mizuna

Pork Tonkatsu with Cherry Jalapeno Salsa and Mizuna Salad

Another night, another Plated dinner! George and I went to the theater this afternoon to see Trainwrecked. I thoroughly enjoyed the movie; it was expectedly hilarious while being unexpectedly sentimental and heart-warming. LeBron James was fabulous, Bill Hader and Amy Schumer were amazing! By the time we finished the movie, I wasn’t sure if I had it in me to make dinner. I am sure glad that I did! I definitely saved time using my Plated meal (the ingredients were pre-measured) and the recipe time read 25 minutes (and was accurate!).

The finished product! Pork Tonkatsu via Plated


This dinner was a study in balanced flavors: it truly covered the entire palate. The mizuna salad had ample soy and garlic dressing to fulfil the umami and bitter tastes. The cherry jalapeno salsa had both sweet, sour and spicy flavors. The mustard-soaked and panko-crusted pork chop was savory and juicy enough to balance the whole plate. This was actually a previous Plated dish that was so popular, they reissued it!



Yet again, Plated delivered a meal that was simple to prepare and carefully crafted around fresh, locally grown ingredients. The cherries looked plump and juicy, but the mizuna was new to me. Mizuna is also known as Japanese Mustard…it is slightly spicy and has a faint bitter taste. I also received fresh garlic, jalapeno, yuzu juice,  grapeseed oil, soy sauce, mustard, flour and panko.  The pork chops were thick and fresh and definitely held up to the pivotal role of this dish.

Pork Tonkatsu Ingredients

Pork Tonkatsu Ingredients


I was overjoyed to have a cherry recipe because I’ve been dying to try my OXO Cherry Pitter from Sur la Table! It made quick work of the cherries and I am looking forward to trying it with olives. I threw a handful of sugar into the cherry salsa for good measure. OXO Cherry Pitter - DocLauraB



I so enjoyed the complex flavors of this meal! More than any other Plated recipe that I have tried to date it felt like something I would never have tackled; but instead, would have ordered from one of my favorite restaurants for double the price! The salad and salsa had a clove each of raw garlic (that I have shied away from), and George does not love soy sauce, but enjoyed the salad paired with the cherries. The yuzu juice added another layer of flavor that elevated this recipe.

Plated - Pork Tonkatsu!

Plated – Pork Tonkatsu!