Review: Plated – Balsalmic Chicken Salad

After my first Plated meal (see here), I have finished the first box (three recipes in total) with success. Tonight was the first recipe of the second box (a salad seemed perfect for a steamy, summer day!).

the finished product

It was part of their Summer Grill Series and is the first salad I have tried through the service. They sent very fresh produce: a head of butter lettuce, green beans, and mâché still attached to the root.

what they sent

The chicken was marinated in a lovely Balsamic and herbs de Provence marinade which I will definitely recreate for future recipes. This was my first time blanching green beans for a salad and they were perfectly done (undone?) for the salad. It was accompanied by bleu cheese and Marcona almonds. I decided to toast the almonds and the increased nutty, buttery flavor was a perfect foil to a lemon and honey dressing. This is one meal that I was not sure of – my family doesn’t typically eat salads as a main course – but I was pleasantly surprised!!

(stay tuned as I try one of their desserts next time – profiteroles!)

My First Plated Box!

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