Review: Formula X Nail Foil

Headed out of town for a week – which means no constant alcohol gel on my hands. This allowed me to try a new polish kit I’ve been stashing for an occasion. 

I bought this Formula X kit from Sephora (they even have a lovely FAQ section on ther site). Formula X is a great brand, I love many of their Effects lines (i.e. Black Quartz, Sparklers, Superwatts). It consists of a base coat and the colored polish. 

The clincher is that the beautiful foil look is masked by any top coat. I typically use Sally Hansen’s Anti-Chip Insta-Dri Topcoat for a beautiful gloss and its long-lasting and quick-dry miracles. I assumed the non-top coat rule also meant the shine of the polish would be degraded over time by alcohol gel (which dulls my top coat after several days). 

The base applied smoothly, the colored, mirror-shine coat was initially marbled (even though I rolled the bottle). I bought it on clearance and had it on the shelf for a month, so I’m sure it’s my fault. After the first nail, it evened out and produced a beautiful shine. I’m very happy with this – 9/10! 


Thoroughly Modern Mani

Mint and Chevron and Blush Pink…oh my!


So I recently shot my engagement photos. For someone who loves nails, it was difficult to choose the manicure that would be immortalized in photos I will look at for years to come. How to decide? Post a Facebook Poll! Some were my creation and some Pinterest pics that I had saved for the right occasion.

DocLaura B engagement mani poll

It was a very close race, but the pale pink, silver glitter, grey chevron won out. I used entirely Essie because I liked the colors together. And since Mint is so current, I threw it in as well.

DocLauraB Modern Mani Palette

I started with two coats of Essie’s Lion Around. Then I did my ring fingers with Beyond Cozy (the glittery one!). It did a great job of covering with one coat (although I used two for security).

Now I decided to make my hands different, so on one hand I painted Power Clutch (the charcoal grey) and stamped a white chevron. The other hand I used Essie’s Mint Candy Apple to make a heart. I took a dotting tool and made two side by side dots for the top of the heart and then drug them down to make a point. I painted a band behind the heart to set it off (and mimic a ring).

DocLauraB Modern Mani DocLauraB ModernMani3

Hope you enjoy! I certainly did.  I would love to see any mixed manicures you’ve done!