Valentine’s Paint Chip Heart Garland


IMG_6291…my Christmas decorations are down! I delayed so long that it is time to lay out some Valentine’s decorations. This spurred a bit of lazy creativity; I repurposed my mini Christmas tree into a Valentine’s centerpiece.  Added to some Target garland (see more of their affordable holiday items – I love Spritz!).

I decided to replace my kitchen Christmas garland with a DIY garland because I have some time for crafting after my recent lectures are complete. I saw this killer Brit +  Co. article on 5 DIY Paint Chip Garlands for Valentine’s Day and was inspired. They used a heart-shaped hole punch but did some fancy sewing machine business to secure the chips – this is some next-level stuff that I will file away on Pinterest for another project! I have a broken bobbin and haven’t gotten everything up and running. So I compromised and used a needle and baker’s twine.
Valentine's collage complete

Valentine’s Paint Chip Heart Garland



  1. Get some paint chips from your local paint/home supply store.
  2. Punch out some hearts (or circles, or other shapes – be creative) – the punch definitely saved me some time! You can stick to one color, blend multiple colors in a variegated pattern as I have done, or create a truly ombre look.  I did end up with some hearts that were not complete as I was trying to get as many as possible (the sugar cookie conundrum) – some I ditched and some I save for other crafts. The left over cut outs were used in the Brit + Co. article to a nice effect.
  3. Starting on one end of the twine, thread your needle and punch the needle with some force through the heart (I went front-to-back and then back-to-front so that the middle of the heart does not have the twine showing – you could reverse this for a different look). The paper is soft enough it is easy to punch through but does leave a little bit of a raw edge on the side you push through from. It didn’t mar the look for me at all.
  4. Thread this heart as far down as you desire.
  5. Continue in this manner until you have a garland of desired length. I had to rearrange my garland to make it a bit longer as I ended up with more hearts than I had anticipated.
  6. Tie knots on either end, trim your garland as desired and hang it. I can’t wait to try this with other shapes and colors and maybe using the sewing machine text time.